Do you want to know how to create output device for front-end printing in an sap system?

Among the knowledge base I have and especially the new I share with my students in my high impact sap basis training this experiment is one of the most important one of all. Will it not be good for you to know how to create a output device in an sap system for front-end printing. I have taken the necessary care and attention to see that you will learn this topic by reading this article. I have also added an extra value by mentioning, Creating output device for front-end printing is another important topic within the sap basis training course.

What is the front-end printing:

Users of an SAP system can print documents in their local printers using front-end printing concept in an SAP system. It is irrelevant that the printer is physically connected to their computer or it is connected over a computer network. The local printers do not need to be defined individually in an SAP system. SAP Basis administrator need to create a representative output device for each operating system platform.

Control technology with access method G is available for front-end-printing from release 4.6C. Access method F was used for this purpose previously. Access method G offers the advantage is that, front-end printing using SAP GUI for java can be setup irrespective of the platform.

The process of Front-end printing is also similar to other output devices, which also uses a spool work process in an SAP application server. To avoid the conflicts between regular and font-end print requests, the profile parameter rdisp/wp_no_spo_Fro_max is used to define the maximum number of spool work processes for font-end printing for each SAP instance.

You can define a spool server specifically for front-end printing by using the profile parameter rspo/local_print/server to the required server name.

I take special care and attention in my high impact sap basis training. One of the efforts in that direction is to explain different topics of sap basis administration as part of my sap basis training video course, I have taken very special care to explain this topic using clear step-by-step procedure. I want you to make very confident in performing this topic as well as all other sap basis training topics by going through the steps mentioned in this article.

Step-by-step procedure to create output device for front-end printing

1. SPAD (Tools – CCMS – Print – Spool Administration)
2. Click Display push button, which is located after the empty text filed of output devices
3. Click on change button in the Application toolbar
4. Enter the name for front-end output device and then short name also can be provided here itself. If you don’t provide short name, system will automatically suggest a short name for this output device when you save the settings for this output device
5. Device type: SWIN
6. Location: Here
7. Host spool access method tab page, select Access method: G
8. Host printer: __DEFAULT (__ mean _ _ without space between the two underscores)
9. Click on the Save button in the standard toolbar
10. Send any list to this output device to test the print

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