Do you know what is the next role that you get as a systems administrator?

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Do you know what lies next for you as far as professional development is concerned? What is the next job role to be chosen by any OS (Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX) or Systems administrator is discussed in this article. As I continue to write this article my concern was for people like you. I truly want you to do best in your life. I am writing this article so that you will be largely in a position to  understand how to increase your worth by adding appropriate knowledge to your existing skill.


What will you understand after reading this article?

  • What is ‘Systems administration’ job role?
  • What is ‘SAP basis administration’ job role?
  • What is the salary comparison between both the roles?
  • How learning SAP basis administration will become easy for an Systems administrator
  • How fast, you can learn SAP basis administration?
  • What has to be adapted by yourself to become SAP basis administrator?

What is systems administration job role?

Systems administration job role is a role which consists of tasks, such as maintaining server and client operating system, underlying server and client hardware, updating different software components, maintaining printer connections, ensuring reliable network connectivity between systems…etc. A person who performs all of these activities in his job role is called systems administrator.

Now isn’t it important for everyone to progress in their fields? Don’t you want to progress and upgrade your skills and knowledge constant intervals. I am sure you do if you are a seeker of well-being. And that is going to be the fundamental reason for the information that you shall have access to to right below.

 Let me take a little time and explain you, What is SAP Basis administration job role?

SAP basis administrator job role is a role which consists of tasks, such as monitoring and troubleshooting of SAP system problems, configuring SAP system using its system profiles, creating and monitoring batch jobs, change management within SAP system landscape and many more tasks. I  can give you these inputs not just as a theory but it’s a living reality with me as a SAP BASIS EXPERT.

And when I realized the significance of learning faster I took up the well-being video training by a well known international trainer who trains the top CEOs and industry heads. I realized that without having a state that is free of conflicts, free of fear and enhanced clarity states its waste to even approach a subject like SAP BASIS Training in any direction. Please ask me for more information about these well-being videos.

Now this is what happens to me I always end up giving more than what my client comes for. This is pretty much the same even in my SAP BASIS training. So lets getting into the grove of the subject….

SAP basis administration job role is distributed over many other administrators by assigning some of the tasks to each administrator. For example, SAP Basis administrator who performs only transports is called SAP TMS administrator.

Raj this is all fine but tell me what is the money I shall make as a SAP BASIS Administrator?

Oky people..I know whats running in your mind and that is the reason I have added the below information for your satisfaction. People have always been satisfied with me in my SAP BASIS training and also the well-being course I suggest them.

What is the salary comparison between both the roles?

You can search in google using keywords such as ‘systems administrator salary’ and ‘sap basis administrator salary’. You can browse through related websites for more information about salaries of these two roles in different countries. I have done some research on this and posted two images here under. Please check the difference of salary of both the roles. SAP basis administration role has been paid more than other systems administration roles.

Salary of an Systems administrator

Salary of an SAP Basis administrator

How learning SAP basis administration will become easy for an Systems administrator?

I started as a systems administrator and Learning SAP basis administration was extremely easy for me and now it has progressed to such an extent that I have become a SAP BASIS trainer, the systems administrator can understand the installation process of SAP system easily as he is already have knowledge on different OS and other software installations. All the prerequisite software to install SAP system will be done on top of an operating system. Also there are lot of similarities like user administration, print administration, updating service packs, monitoring and troubleshooting…etc in maintaining both OS and SAP systems. Systems administrator can observe the changes made in the operating system and in the file system during SAP installation. All of the changes will be done by SAP Netweaver software delivery tool without administrators involvement. Systems administrator can look at the files system changes as new folders are created automatically and shares, that apply to some of the folders automatically. Systems administrator can understand the installation of RDBMS which again may be the another job role can be learned as part of learning SAP basis administration.

How fast, you can learn SAP Basis administration?

SAP basis administration can be learned directly by anyone who are all interested to enter in to the IT field. The people who wants to enter in to the IT field must understand lot of terms and terminologies. This knowledge is required for you to choose right role to enter in to the IT field. The systems administrators can adapt SAP Basis knowledge very easily by taking proper guidance from an experienced expert sap basis trainer or consultant. To make learning SAP Basis administration easy for students, customers and my subscribers, I have recorded all the step-by-step procedures of SAP basis administration tasks in the form of videos. With the help of these videos, one can learn SAP basis administration very easily. The people who does not have systems administration knowledge also can learn SAP basis administration very easily with my explanation in the videos.

If you watch all of my videos repeatedly, you can learn complete SAP basis administration within 1 months time. You can always get in touch with me to ask any number of questions on SAP basis administration through email or as comments to this article. As a SAP basis trainer and by conducting SAP BASIS classes and the clarity i received by watching the well-being videos has given me the ability to remain available to answer all your doubts.

What has to be adapted by yourself to become SAP basis administrator?

You have to adapt the ability to watch my videos regularly without missing even single day. By watching the videos repeatedly, you will get confidence over the making habit of doing experiments. I become an SAP BASIS Expert ONLY BY FIRST HAVING INNER CLARITY AND THESE VIDEOS HAVE GREATLY BEEN OF AN INSTRUMENTAL SUPPORT IN THAT DIRECTION.

My SAP BASIS training is an outcome of enhanced clarity that I operate on a daily basis.

You should ask as many questions as you can, on this subject. Asking questions is one of the trick you should adapt in the learning of SAP basis administration. You can also adapt the regular practice on your SAP system to make yourself to ensure that the each experiment is successful. Finally, adapt the concept of ‘trust yourself’ that you can learn SAP basis administration quickly. This becomes real when you know what you have taken the necessary steps towards creating necessary awareness towards enhancing your learning abilities and live a fulfilled life. And that is one of the major reasons why I personally encourage you to subscribe at  well-being channel.

Its been a lengthy chat and am sure there is a certain relationship that has already began with me.  I have been  guide to many in the field of SAP BAIS training.

So lets summarize this:

  1. Understand the organization’s requirement before approaching or applying for any job role. You should do some market research on salary comparison and scope of increments year on year to a specific job role.
  2. Take SAP BASIS Training from the best in the field and also in service.
  3. Know the advantages of video learning from my sap basis videos page
  4. You should look for the value of knowledge which is required by the clients who spread across world.
  5.  You should learn what is required by an international clients and I am happy that, I have been able to deliver that In my SAP BASIS training.
  6.  You should learn the subject which is more in demand all the time and SAP BASIS training is the most in demand and also the fundamental credential that is needed to learn any SAP technical module.
  7.  You should think that, how fast you can learn chosen subject and should know about how easy it is. For this I recommend You subscribe to my channel and then ask me for private channel to watch all of the videos on sap basis training. I will give access to these private videos for one time fee. Once you become my subscriber, you can watch all of my future videos on sap basis training at free of cost.
  8.  You will have the ability to learn as many number of time as you want by subscribing to my videos at my sap basis videos page.

Please have a look on titles of my videos at my sap basis videos page and subscribe as fast as possible to learn SAP basis administration as fast as possible. You will get an international identity with this knowledge as i am having already. Go and grab it.

Please write your valuable suggestions or questions using the following comments form. I will try my best to adapt and answer your questions and more importantly don’t take your well-being lightly. The best investment I have made by far is on my well-being and you can also do that. Please ask me for more details about it.

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