Do you know that Developer Shed is paying for writing an article?

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Developer shed is giving an opportunity to write articles and earn money online. Developer shed is looking for knowledgeable writers on the content providing to their 150,000 subscribers. They need the people who can write original articles, reviews and opinions.

Developer shed also provides publicity to the writers who can write articles for one of their sites. They post a link to the bio-data, brief description of writer’s company, a link to their web site. A writer also can participate in discussion with the visitor of the article.

The payment for each article varies based on many factors like the quality of an article, number of submissions per month, frequency of article submissions and special incentives to the writer who receive positive reviews.

We should write articles on the topics mentioned below as per Developer shed to get paid.

Open Source material for the Dev Shed site like Apache web server, PHP server side scripting language, Python scripting language, MySQL database and many more which are available in the current market.

Microsoft technologies for the ASP Free site like .NET, ASP and ASP.NET, C#, MS (Microsoft) SQL Server, IIS (Internet Information Server), VisualBasic.NET (Scripting Language), Windows Scripting, and many more.

Web Design topics for the Dev Articles site like DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language), XML (Extended Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Java, JavaScript, C++ Programming Language, ColdFusion, and many more.

Hardware Reviews for the Dev Hardware site like Researched news and trends of the computer/ Electronic hardware industry, materials on modifying computer hardware, reviews of PC(Personal Components), hand helds, peripherals like printer, scanners, web cameras, digital cameras, mouse, key board and many more.

Search Engine Optimization for the SEO Chat site on Search optimization material, articles on web site marketing, key words, web directories, Google, Yahoo! and many more.

Web Hosting articles for the Web Hosters site on Hosting matters, guidance to people who are finding hosts, news for the industry, tips, and many more.

 We can take this opportunity by visiting their site and register by entering our email address. I have joined just now, waiting for their reply. If you are interested you also can apply and get the opportunity to earn money online just by writing original articles on technology they asks.

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