Do you know how to use CCMS alert monitor to monitor your SAP system?

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I am a guide to many in the world on sap basis training  and will be happy to guide you through the right direction to use CCMS alert monitor to monitor your SAP system. I have taken very special care in providing you step-by-step procedure for using CCMS alert monitor to monitor an SAP system.

Read this article carefully for about 5-10 times to get a clear idea of using CCMS alert monitor. I want you to test yourself whether you are able to understand the concept of CCMS alert monitor using an SAP Netweaver system. SAP Netweaver system is a simple SAP system which has only limited components. You can use basis component SAP_BASIS to understand the concept of CCMS alert monitor in an SAP system. I mean, enter the t-code RZ20 in an SAP system and look at the different screens that are displayed for different actions performed by you. Please follow the step-by-step procedure provided below to make yourself confident in using CCMS alert monitor in an SAP system

Step-by-step procedure for using CCMS alert monitor to monitor an SAP system

  1. Start the CCMS alert monitor using either the transaction code RZ20 or using menu path ‘Tools – CCMS – Control/Monitoring – CCMS monitor sets’ from SAP Easy access screen
  2. Expand the SAP CCMS monitor templates by choosing + sign which you can view in front of the set
  3. Double click on ‘Entire system’ set
  4. Expand the SID of your SAP system
  5. Expand ‘R/3 Services’ virtual node
  6. Expand ‘Dialog’ virtual node
  7. Expand ‘instance’ object (ex in my case: nw7ehp1_dev_00). This is called monitoring object
  8. Make sure that you are in view: current system status to view the data of current system status
  9. Click on ‘Open alerts’ button in the application toolbar to display the open alerts that you have not yet been completed.
  10. Double click on the dialog MTE which will display all the open alerts
  11. Select the alert from the list and click on Start analysis method which will take you to the related analysis tool that may give more information about reason for this alert. You have to analyse the reason for the alert and should be adjusted your SAP system accordingly.
  12. Once you have completed the analysis of the problem using the attached analysis function, hit F3 to come back to the Alert display screen
  13. Select the alert that is already analysed, Click on the complete alerts button in the application tool bar
  14. If you want to display already completed alert, you have to click on Alert History button
  15. The list updated with all the completed alerts with the status ‘Done’

View: Current system status

View: open alerts


CCMS alert monitor

By performing all the steps mentioned above one by one in your SAP system will give you the full clarity on using CCMS alert monitor. So that you can use CCMS alert monitor for monitoring your SAP system most effectively. You can understand the problem area in your SAP system very easily with the help of CCMS alert monitor. You can also create your own monitor sets and monitors, to watch alerts of your SAP system in a particular area of your interest.

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