CRM 7.0 EHP1 IDES VMware virtual disk

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CRM 7.0 EHP1 IDES virtual disk is useful for an individual to practice on CRM system. You can download CRM 7.0 EHP1 IDES VMware virtual disk through ftp account to practice on CRM system. CRM 7.0 installed along with Enhancement Pack 1 using VMware workstation 8. Once the installation is completed, I have done all the post installation tasks which are necessary for an individual for practice. Virtual machine will create a file with the extension .vmdk which is actually a virtual hard drive. You can connect this virtual hard drive to a virtual machine wherever you want. You can install VMware workstation on your computer or laptop and attach this virtual disk to run CRM 7.0 EHP1 instantly. So you can use this .vmdk file in your computer to configure VMware workstation.

VMDK File size details:

The virtual disk size is 174GB. This file is compressed into 10 part files(40GB approx). 10 files are created with the names from crm7ehp1.7z.001 to crm7ehp1.7z.010. These files are uploaded to online hosting account. You can download and unzip these files to build back into single .vmdk file (174GB). Once you have this file on your computer, you can follow the below steps to create new virtual machine in VMware workstation 8.

Note: To run this virtual disk in VMware workstation, Your computer BIOS should have VT (Virtualization Technology) enabled. Please check for this option or call your computer vendor for knowing about support of virtualization.

Steps to configure above CRM 7.0 EHP1 IDES on your computer

  • Install VMware workstation 8
  • Open VMware workstation
  • Click File – Click ‘New virtual machine
  • Select custom installation in the first screen
  • Select the operating system Windows Server 2008 x64
  • Select the option ‘use existing hard disk’ in the HDD selection screen and browse to select the .vmdk file which you have extracted
  • Click finish in the final screen
  • Once you it is creating virtual machine is completed, you can see the entry in the left pane
  • Select the entry and Click on ‘Power on this virtual machine’ in the right pane
  • Windows server 2008 will be started
  • Select VM from menu and click ‘Send Ctrl+Alt+Del’
  • Enter the password for administrator user account and hit enter
  • You will see the desktop of Windows Server 2008
  • Start the CRM 7.0 EHP1 IDES server using SAP Management console
  • Login to CRM7.0 IDES using SAPGUI

You can use the following PayPal button to receive the ftp account details in your mail. With the ftp account, you can download the virtual disk files of CRM 7.0 EHP1 IDES. You can also order for physical external 1TB HDD with this virtual disk by paying for HDD and DHL courier charges. Please get back to me with your message using the following web form.

Refund policy: No refunds are given for any type of problems at your end. Email support will be provided until this VM runs on your suitable computer.

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