How to create new tablespace in the oracle database of an SAP system?

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I have demonstrated the step-by-step procedure on ‘How to create new tablespace in the oracle database of an SAP system’ in this article to help my blog readers and subscribers of my channel. I have taken an initiative of writing a best article which contains proper steps for creating a tablespace in the oracle database in an SAP system.  You must read this article completely to get full clarity of creating tablespace in the oracle database of an SAP system.

Step-by-step procedure to create new tablespace in the oracle database of an SAP system:

Log on to the(Windows OS)host where the database instance of an SAP system is installed

Make sure that you have logged into the host using <SID>ADM user. Replace the <SID> with system identifier of your SAP system. You can also log in as Administrator account, but you need to create environment variables for ORACLE_SID and SAPDATA_HOME

Open command prompt using run-cmd. You can also use program files – accessories – command prompt to open command prompt (Black DOS screen)

Following prompt will be displayed in the black screen


Enter the following command as shown

C:UsersAdministrator> sqlplus/nolog

Following prompt will be displayed


Enter the following command as shown

SQL>connect /as sysdba

Following message will be displayed. The meaning of the message is that, you have connected to required database for administration


You have used the following command to open the required database


Following information will be displayed and then stops at SQL> prompt

ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 1358954496 bytes
Fixed Size                  2077424 bytes
Variable Size             687869200 bytes
Database Buffers          654311424 bytes
Redo Buffers               14696448 bytes
Database mounted.
Database opened.

With the above step, the database you want to experiment is opened. You can start creating tablespace using BRTOOLS command from the DOS command prompt

Creating new Tablespace:

Go to command prompt using either using run-cmd or navigation path program files – Accessories – Command Prompt

Following prompt will be displayed in the DOS screen


Type BRTOOLS at command prompt as shown below


Select the space management in the choice menu that displays

Database space management choice menu will be displayed from which, you can choose the action you want to perform

Select the option 2 (Create Tablespace) and hit enter

Type c -continue in the input menu to set the parameters for BRSPACE command and hit enter

Type c – continue again and hit enter

Table creation main menu will be displayed. You have to choose the appropriate option to continue further

Type c – continue again and hit enter

Input menu ‘Main options for creation of tablespace in database <SID>’ will be displayed

You have to provide the name for tablespace to be created here

Type 1 and hit enter

Enter string value for tablespace

Enter PSAP<SID>RAJ and hit enter (Ex: in my case PSAPDEVRAJ)

Again ‘ Main options for creation of tablespace in database DEV’ will be displayed along with the tablespace name to be created

Type c – continue and hit enter

Type c-continue again in the ‘ Space options for creation of tablespace’ and hit enter

Type n(No) and hit enter for not to select the second data file

New tablespace will be created with the parameters selected

You can verify whether the new data file has been created for new tablespace or not in the directory oracle_home i.e c:oracleDEVsapdata4 in my case

c-continue 2 times and come out from BRTOOLS using appropriate key

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