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Conflict resolution technique is a great tool for you to attract exponential growth in your career. Conflict resolution is an experiential technique which will be largely useful for you to handle any type of situations in your life properly. This technique is essential for you to make yourself best in your life. Once conflict resolution technique starts working in your body, mind, emotion and in your energy levels, You will become energetic and vibrant in your life forever. Once you apply the process and start functioning your day-to-day activities without conflicts, you can feel the ultimate and become supreme in your area of interest and you will become joyful and pleasant for ever.

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Ask the following questions yourself and hear the answers

  1. Do you get anger? (My conflict resolution or stress management technique helps you to get rid of anger for any given situation within minutes)
  2. Are you feeling stress? (My conflict resolution technique helps you to reduce the stress)
  3. Are you able to take decisions properly? (My conflict resolution technique helps you while taking decisions spontaneously)
  4. Are you not able to make sufficient money? (My conflict resolution technique helps you to earn sufficient money and makes your life joyful)
  5. Are you not able to enjoy your life? (My conflict resolution technique makes you to enjoy more throughout your life)
  6. Do you feel jealous? (My conflict resolution technique will helps you to get rid of jealous)
  7. Are you sad? (My conflict resolution technique will helps you to become joyful always)
  8. Do you have low confidence? (My conflict resolution  technique will helps you to become confident)
  9. Are you feeling fear of performance? (My conflict resolution technique will helps you to perform best in your life)
  10. Are your thoughts are limited? (My conflict resolution technique will helps you to break your limiting thought patterns)

Conflict resolution technique is an essential tool should be installed in every human being who wants to perform at their best and will help you to guide others who are all associated with you for their well being…Raj Punarvasi

You can watch the following sample video to understand my voice clarity. You can then decide to buy either my videos or you can take the decision to attend online/offline session.

I have taken some of the general life situations and demonstrated on applying the technique for conflict resolution in the given situation. I am experiencing the advantage of this technique in my life and progressing towards success in my business. To make your life also more enjoyable and energetic, you must change your thought pattern of doing things in your day-to-day life. This conflict resolution technique will help you as a tool to progress towards great success in your life.

Introduction video of conflict resolution technique

No More Conflicts In Your Life is a technique in short NMCIYL which will be useful largely for conflict resolution at your physical, mental, emotional and energy realities. You can function at your best levels after watching all of my experiential video sessions on conflict resolution. You must apply the process that is demonstrated within the videos. You have to do this activity for a period of 45 days to get result oriented outcome in your life.

NMCIYL Technique videos, duration of each video

  1. How to remove conflicts from your workplace by using NMCIYL (6Min 23Sec) for conflict resolution
  2. How to take wise decisions by using NMCIYL(7Min 6Sec)
  3. How to improve concentration by using NMCIYL(6Min 22Sec)
  4. How to progress towards successes in your life by using NMCIYL(7Min 27Sec)
  5. How to take very important decision by applying NMCIYL(7Min 20Sec)
  6. How to improve your money making abilities by using NMCIYL (10Min 36Sec)

NMCIYL process

You may often experience uncertainties at regular intervals. Conflict is one of the outcomes of such uncertainties. If you would have observed you would know that the seat of experience of the conflict is within. These are often called as internal conflicts. No More Conflict In Your Life is the technique which is very useful for you to become vibrant inside and so that you can handle external situations easily. This conflict resolution  technique works within you to resolve internal conflicts. Internal conflict is one of the major root cause, which is largely responsible for all the conflicts that you face in your everyday life. Lets understand one fundamental principle anything that happens to you outside is a reflection of what’s happening to you inside. I strongly know that when you are supplied with a tool that works internally you will largely be in control of what’s happening to you within.When you are in control of your internal situations you begin to act more consciously. So that the outcome would be conflict free.

Internal conflict is an outcome of an unconscious thought pattern…Raj Punarvasi

Let me tell you functioning with conflicts is not less than that pressing the accelerator and brake at the same time in your car. Not only will you get anywhere you shall end up damaging the car also in many ways. This is exactly what’s happening to people in their lives when they are functioning with conflicts. Functioning with internal conflicts often can have a self-­restricting behavior impact and that’s a scope of a potential calamity when it gains momentum. Before I introduce you to the conflict resolution  tool in detail lets look what are the consequences of functioning with conflicts.

Conflict is a result of unclear communication that takes place in any given situation….Raj Punarvasi

Functioning with internal conflicts can often result in the following bad traits

  • Self-­restrictive behaviour
  • Limiting thought patterns
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Procrastination
  • Low confidence
  • Bad relationships
  • Arguments
  • Decisions that work against you
  • Ending up in situations accidently that can cause unpleasantness.
  • Poor performance
  • Lethargy
  • Unclear communication

All the above factors have a direct impact on your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energy realities. If you look at yourself what you call as yourself essentially is a combination of your physical, mental, emotional, energy realities. It is in the lap of these four realities that the conflicts will arise. No More Conflicts In Your Life is a Technique that gives you the leverage to work on your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energy realities to remove conflicts forever for any given situation.

The methodology

  • Relaxation technique
  • Your situation
  • PMEE
  • Using the quality of the Natural element SUN
  • Usage of form structure
  • Sound energy

Benefits and outcome of this technique (NMCIYL)

  • Resolve internal conflicts
  • Improved confidence
  • Overcoming self restricting behavior
  • Overcome limiting thought patterns
  • Ability to perform at your best
  • Freedom from stress
  • Freedom from anger
  • Freedom from anxiety
  • Ability to make appropriate decisions
  • Have a good relationship
  • Have better communication
  • From lethargy to activity
  • Put an end to procrastination

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Functioning without conflicts is a possible gift that you can give to yourself. Your performance becomes optimum when you function without friction…

No More Conflicts in Your Life technique is a tool that directs you to function as a lubricant…

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