Conflict resolution skills are must for any CEO to manage employees properly

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Conflict resolution skills are must for any CEO to manage their employees properly. If you are a CEO, You must have conflict resolution skills to make your employees happy while they work to make more profits in your business. Conflict resolution skills can be installed using a simple and extraordinary process.

Conflict resolution skillsconflict resolution skills

To make you understand with more clarity on conflict resolution skills by telling a real story which was happened to one of my friend. My friend was working in a reputed company as a accountant cum computer operator. She has to send a quotation to one of the customer. This work is assigned by her boss without providing further details. She has called and messaged many times during the course of that day to find out details like price and information about material. She did not get any reply from her boss or other people who are associated in providing details. She has to go home at 06:30PM(Office closing time) as she has to pick up her daughter from a tution point.  She got a call from one of the associate and informed that they have sent details. This is called conflict between different people who are all involved in performing task of sending a simple quotation to their customer.  This type of conflicts can be avoided easily by providing details properly by her boss when he assigned a job in the morning itself.

As a CEO, what is the purpose of sending a quotation to your customer? Outcome of this act is to make the profit. Am I right? Definitely, you say yes. When you are interested in making the profit by doing particular activity, you must transform proper information to your employee. Your employees should be more receptive to your information. Then the information transmitted will be received properly by your employee. Your employee will receive information properly when they feel happy to work for your organization. I mean, they also must function without internal conflicts. You should perform your actions without having internal conflicts. Conflict resolution skills can be installed in your body, mind, emotion and energy using a certain technique called No More Conflicts In Your Life(NMCIYL).  Once you install this technique, it will work as a tool in your body, mind, emotion and energy and lead you to perform without any internal conflicts. You will transform the information properly to your employees. You can expect better results from your employees afterwards.

To make your employees more receptive to your information and make them work for your organization with happy mood, you have to plan to install the conflict resolution skills in their body, mind, emotion and energy. Once both transmitter and receiver are conflict free, you can expect large possibility of making more profits with the same resources. You can approach me to conduct a live session in your organization to transform conflict resolution skills to you and also to your employees. You can also go through my web store to download videos on conflict resolution skills.

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