Configuring SMS in a SAP system

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Resultant screen after hitting t-code scot
You will get this screen after hitting the transacton code scot
Click on PAG and click create
Click on PAG and click create or Ctrl+F5
Type HTTP in node field and SMS Integation in description field
Enter HTTP in the field node and SMS Integration in description field
Select HTTP node
Select HTTP node in this screen
Paste the URL provided by third party
You can paste the url or script provided by your SMS gateway provider
Select Password
There is no need to select any password here, because we have provided passord in the script in the previous step
Global Settings
Global Settings
Enter the Maximum length
Enter the maximum length of the message allowed by your service provider
Provide Address Area
Provide field address area as * in this screen and click continue
Enter time duration
Provide the time in minutes or hours in this screen and click continue
Select Node is ready for use check box
Select Node is ready for use check box and click continue
You can see HTTP Service
Now you can see HTTP service in this screen, Go Back to SAP Initial Screen
HTTP Virtual host configuration
HTTP Virtual host configuration - You will get this screen after entering T-code SICF, Select default host and then New Sub element
Create or change a service
You will get create or change a service screen, In Log-on tab provide user name and password for same client
Handler List
Click on HANDLER List tab and provide the handler as shoun in this screen
Activate the service
Activate the service finally as shown in this screen
HTTP Client Proxy Setting
HTTP Client proxy setting: In same T-code SICF
Global Settings
Global Settings
HTTP Log tab
In HTTP Log tab provide proxy detail
Maintain pager Service Go to Client 000 and run t-code SA14 Provide detail as shown below Pager Serv: BAL Use :SMS Service
Go to SPRO in your customizing client SAP Web Application Server - Basis Services - Address Management - Define pager services
Provide detail Pager serv : SMS Pager service : SMS Use : SMS Service
Composing a SMS Go to T-code SBWP
Click on New Message
To monitor the process go to T-code SCOT here you can see 1 in waiting as we have given time for 2 minutes it will send the message after 2 min only
Go to T-code SOST and here we can check the status of message. Check your mobile for sent message
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