Computing Center Managing System (CCMS) T-Codes and descriptions

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CCMS (Computing center Management System) is a systematic monitoring and alerting system in an SAP system. An online business application software needs continuous monitoring to fix the bugs. You have to periodically perform different health checks in an sap system to make it work ever without breakdown. I am listing some of the T-codes for your reference, which are most important to do performance tuning of an SAP system. I have also provided descriptions of all the transaction codes in the following list. Please go through the list and try to execute in your SAP Netweaver or ECC system once to gain instant knowledge on each and every t-code.

computing center management system

  • SM50 – Process Overview
  • SM51 – SAP Servers
  • SM66 – Global work process overview
  • SM12 – Select Lock Entries
  • SM13 – Update requests
  • SM21 – System Log: Local analysis of  ‘Host Name’
  • SM36 – Define background job
  • SM37 – Simple Job Selection
  • SMLG – CCMS: Maintain logon groups
  • SM04 – User List
  • AL08 – Currently Active users
  • AL11 – SAP Directories
  • ST02 – Tune Summary
  • ST03 – Workload in an SAP system
  • ST04 – Database performance analysis: Oracle database overview
  • ST05 – Performance analysis
  • ST06 – Local(Hostname) / Operating system Monitor: Windows NT
  • ST07 – Application Monitor : User Distribution
  • ST22 – ABAP Runtime errors
  • SP01 – Output controller: Spool request selection screen
  • SP02 – Output controller: List of spool requests
  • SP11 – Tem Se: Request Screen
  • SP12 – TemSe: Administration of temporary sequential data
  • DB01 – Fast access to Exclusive lock wait situations
  • DB02 – Database performance: Tables and indexes
  • DB12 – Backup Logs: Overview for database SID
  • DB13 – DBA Planning calender for oracle database
  • DB14 – Display DBA operations log for database ‘SID’

If you need more explanation of any of the above t-code, please use the following comment form to leave your message. I will get back to you with more explanation. You can also subscribe to my youtube channel for free demo videos on important topics of SAP Basis training. You can also subscribe to my private list of videos on complete SAP Basis training videos.

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