Computer cables and connectors

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I will explain about different cables and connectors used in  a computer in this lesson. I will explain as I assemble a computer step by step. To assemble a computer i told that we need first part required is SMPS.

SMPS – Switch mode power supply – This part will be fixed in a computer cabinet or case using 4 big screws. We take main power using a power cord from electrical point and connect to SMPS. SMPS will convert 230V or 110V to different DC voltages which are required to supply to different devices in a computer. We discuss later in related lessons about all input and output voltages will be supplied. Now we discuss about only cables and connectors.

Mother Board – This device will be fixed in the cabinet using screws given along with computer cabinet. We have to fix all screws properly by aligning mother board on cabinet inner side bases to avoid short circuit later. After fixing mother board in cabinet we have give power supply from SMPS. SMPS will have two separate power connectors specially designed for mother board. Find Out and fix it firmly.

Processor: This device will be inserted on the mother board into its processor slot by lifting a lever, after placing processor we have to fix the leaver again. Finally place the processor fan to protect processor from heat. Please be careful while fixing processor or fan.

RAM: Every mother board will have 2 or more RAM slots to place RAM modules (Random Access Memory). So that fixing RAM on mother is very easy by just pulling and pushing both side plastic lockers.

HDD:  (Hard Disk Drive) there are two types of Hard Disk Drives available in the market. One is IDE and another is SATA. Now a day’s all mother board manufacturers are providing only one IDE connector and 4 SATA connectors. Hard disk will take power from SMPS using a SATA or IDE power connector which comes from SMPS output. HDD will read and write data using a data cable. This data cable may be an IDE or SATA type depends on type of HDD we use.

DVD / CD Drive: We are not using CD drives these days. Everybody are upgrading to DVD Writers. Any optical device can be connected in the computer cabinet with the same cables we use to connect HDD.

External devices like Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor will be connected to CPU or Cabinet using cables provided along with the devices. Key board and mouse will have either PS2 round type or USB connector. Monitor will have separate data and power cable. Power cable will supply power directly from electrical outlet and data displayed on the monitor screen with the help of a data cable from CPU to Monitor.

Other connectors or ports available on mother board are 6 or more USB ports, Joystick port, one COM port, Line in, Audio Out, Mic in ports, NIC port, Infrared, 1394…etc

Ask for any doubts in comments section, I will show you all these cables practically online if you are interested with video explanation. For this you need to register by paying $5.

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