Cigarette smoking is injurious to health! How to quit using your mind?

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Cigarette smoking is injurious to health is a common statement which is displayed everywhere. ‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’ is the statement which is also printed on the cigarette packets. All of us know about this information and continue to do the same action again and again. Do you know cigarette smoking can be avoided easily using your mind properly? Also get rid of the habit of cigarette smoking makes you more pleasureable than cigarette smoking… I have personally experienced this feeling of joy within when l quit cigarette smoking. The same experience is carried in me and feeling joyful always when I met or come across with cigarette smoking people.


Cigarette smoking is very dangerous activity which is particularly performed by many human beings. If you are cigarette smoker, you can easily quit the habit of cigarette smoking by using your own mind. You can follow your own self strategies to quit cigarette smoking as fast possible. You have to make note of the points which you have observed in the process of stopping your habit of cigarette smoking. You have to train your mind such way that it is not good for your health and then affects your family’s wellbeing.

I want to share my strategy for quitting cigarette smoking here briefly. I remember, 5 years back, one day i decided to stop cigarette smoking. On the day, I have taken the decision, I have immediately instructed my mind to delay for 1 hour if i get the feeling of cigarette smoking. I got success in my first attempt of postponing cigarette smoking for an hour. I have observed my own feeling and felt very happy. In fact, it was the feeling of joy within. My mind understands that there is more joy when I dealy some activity instead of performing activity. I have continued the delaying the activity of cigarette smoking and succeeded completely and stopped cigarette smoking completely.

Naturally, your mind will not listen to you when you instruct for quitting of cigarette smoking. Eventhough, you have to try and try until you get success. You should become your own boss to your mind and delay the activity of leaving the habit of cigarette smoking. Delaying cigarette smoking  worked in my case. It may be different in your case. Find out the strategy of your own for which your mind will listen to you and follow the same strategy until you get success.

If you want to make yourself own boss to your mind, you can attend mind sessions of any professional coaches like me. You can also leave your message in this blog using the following form. I will give you reply with my insights about your problem. Keep discussing about this issue to change the people’s life for their well being.

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