How to choose your job role without conflicts

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This article, ‘How to choose your job role without conflicts’ is written by me to give the reply to one of my student who is in confusion to choose the right job role. He is doing a job with a designation ‘SAP Basis administration’ that he is not liking due to more work time duration and night shifts are involved. He wants to choose another job role now. I wanted to give him the clarity over life, job and work…etc I am posting this reply as an article in this blog to help you people. You can also remove conflicts from your body to perform better everywhere.

You are in the form of physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies…Normally people will have lot of conflicts between choosing different possible realities.

You have to remove conflicts from your body at energy levels. I have technique called NoMoreConflicsInYourLife(NMCIYL). I can remove your all of your conflicts in less than one hour time. So that, you can ask questions yourself to bombard in your own field. Do not try to loose the current experience. There are millions of job aspirants are there to enter in to SAP real support or implementation projects. You are lucky that, you have a good job in hand.

Any human being can work more time when they love the work that they are doing. The timing problems, night shifts only comes in employees, not in employers. Being an employee and also an employer, I have faced both the problems. Employer look for the business any time round the clock, but employee will look for the free time. This fight will be there for ever. You will face same type of problems or situations in any job. It is a job, means that you have to satisfy the manager and then manager should satisfy his boss, So that boss can satisfy the client. Then client will show the interest to renew the contract, then employee don’t loss the job for ever.

My actual intention is, you have to love the work what you are doing right now. Perform at peak level and satisfy yourself first. Then you will enjoy the work even in the night shifts.

You can contact me for removing any type of conflicts to make your life more useful for yourself and to others (Family, Friends, Your boss….etc)

I do not want to hurt any one by using employee and employer words. I just wanted to share every bodies feelings.

I have a solution for your problem. I can remove your conflicts to make yourself feel good about and then you can take decision without conflicts….

I am Mr. Raj – SAP Basis/Netweaver international trainer. I have trained students in more than 50 countries. I never feel bad to work any time round the clock. I always will look for the business.  Of course, I will try to convince my customers/students sometimes to attend some important parties and to involve in get together. If they agree, OK. Otherwise, I don’t mind to work any time even at party times like evenings of Saturday and Sunday.

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