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The term child labor is been understood as a child working for wages by neglecting his school education. This situation occurs in many families depending on the size of the family and income source. Very rarely it depends on the parent illiteracy. Parent who cannot dream child’s future may not be able to think to provide an environment to develop their child knowledge. Though the government is providing food facilities in the hostel and free education, family burden of debt makes a child and parent to neglect education and go for work.

In the modern age, with a technological development through radio, TV and cinema, rural child is been attracted and deciding to leave their home towns and reaching near by towns to work in any field like hotels and constructions to enjoy the urban life. Some N.G.O’s and social workers are working to support these kids in developing their knowledge and literacy.

Some good organizations where children are working are also taking care of their development and providing evening and weekend education system. Some people think that to avoid this situation, family should be supported financially to clear of their debts and emergency expenses like accidents and health problems in the family which is obstructing in their learning process and spoiling their child hood. Any person or organization that is kind enough should come forward to stop a child within the family and village by providing and taking care of their families where it is needed. I think this can be done through temples, mosques and churches where people believe service to man is service to god. 

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