How do you check print environment in an sap system?

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How do you check print environment in an sap system which is a most important topic in sap basis training

Being an expert in the sap basis training I can tell you that Knowing how to check printing environment in an sap system is another most important topic in the sap basis training. I have demonstrated each and every step of checking printing environment in the above video clearly. I have included this videos in the set of my sap basis training videos which are available for life time access. You can just subscribe to these videos by paying onetime fee of only 299USD. You can also understand this topic by reading the rest of this article.

First of all, you should know whether your sap system can send print commands to the operating system spooler  or not. This process can be determined by using transaction code SM50 and check for the work process type SPO is configured within the sap system or not. If you are able to find the work process type SPO in the initial screen of SM50 t-code, then you can consider that your sap system is configured for printing different user requests.

You can determine the number of spool work processes configured within the entire SAP system by using transaction code SM66. Please remember that the number of spool work processes cannot be changed by operation mode switches.

You can determine the number of spool servers that are configured in your sap system by using transaction code SM51. Transaction code SM51 shows the information about different SAP application (instances) servers which are installed for entire SAP system. All application servers or instances which provide the spool service are called spool servers. You can display the information about number of spool servers configured within the entire SAP system easily with SM51 t-code than using the transaction code SM66 which is useful for knowing the total number of spool work processes that are configured in all the instances of an SAP system.

You can set the default setting of not to create output request immediately for a spool request which is generated for your SAP user. This setting can be done by choosing menu path ‘System-User Profile-Own data’ or using the transaction code SU3 and then using ‘Defaults’ tab page, ensure that ‘Output immediately’ is not checked and save your changes. This default setting can also be overridden with the direct setting when you give print request at any time.

You can find out the different printers are configured at your operating system level by choosing start-settings-Printers and Faxes. You can also create your own testing printer and do the settings such a way that the printer prints data to a file.

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