Chakra names in Telugu, English

There are 7 major junction points where many nerves of a human body meet. All these junction points are called chakras or centre points. The names of all the 7 chakras in Telugu/Sanskrit, English are as follows. Being calm is the key to lead wonderful life. To become calm, you should close your eyes and focus on the following chakras through consious breathing. If you keep your focus on your own chekras, you can become more energetic and powerful in all the directions. I have recorded a video while doing my own meditation, you can download it to get the interest on doing small things in big way. Your mind will perceive many things by watching my video consistenly and completely. Watch the video repeatedly to feel the difference in your own thoughts. All the aspects are covered in my videos just like great paintings produce vibrant thoughts. You can give very small fee(75INR – Approx 1euro) to grasp the information about money making is possible with all of your useful actions through out day. If your actions make some benefits to others, your life will be settled in all the ways. Think creatively and produce something which is good for the society. You can download my video on 8Min54Sec on deep meditation by Raj Punarvasi

Root – Mooladhara (మూలాధార)
Sacral – Svadhishthana (స్వాధిష్ఠాన)
Navel – Manipura (మణిపుర)
Heart – Anahata (అనాహత )
Throat – Vishuddha (విశుద్ధ)
Third-eye – Ajna (ఆజ్ఞ )
Crown – Sahasrara (సహస్రార)

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