If you can’t stop drinking alcohol or smoking, read a real story now!

If you can’t stop drinking alcohol or smoking, read a real story to understand the reason and need to stop drinking or smoking without further delay. It is 100% real story. Continue the reading, don’t stop reading.

Heart Valve Malfunction

Recently one of my friend’s father was admitted in a famous hospital to get operated to repair 2 valves & remove 2 blocks in his heart. World’s most famous and well experienced doctors operated him successfully. They kept him in ICU for observation few days and shifted him to general ward. Same day, he was felt some kind of disturbance within his throat. Doctors examined and informed as some pus is generating inside his heart. It needs to be cleaned by opening heart again. Family members agreed for the same procedure which they told. Also, they asked the doctor to clear all the problems before shifting him to the general ward again. They have done necessary arrangements and done the cleaning process. After lot of costly tests and through analysis, they told that his body is not responding to the medicines to recover fully. They used to ask many times to bring blood and blood platelets frequently. My friend used to call his friends every day to collect sufficient blood. He took a hotel nearby hospital to be available all the time to receive and attend calls by hospital staff. All the family members regularly used to go and stay near by hospital several times. Almost 2 months crossed being in hospital ICU. He could not able to alive and passed away.

The total hospital bill was around 35Lakh INR(60,000USD). His savings was only 6Lakh INR(10,000USD). All the money which he saved for 35 years is gone in just 2 months. Also, His daughter’s most of the savings have been paid to the hospital.

The major point to understand in this life is, there is no grantee of coming back to home once any body got hospitalised. Also, very important point is that, he is completely non-alcoholic and non-smoker. Even though, he could not be able to recover after the operation. When a non-alcoholic & non-smoker is not able to withstand with the medicines used after the operation, how can a weak body which is spoled already due to consumption of alcohol & smoking can bare? Imagine how much would be the hospital bill for a alcoholic & a smoker.

Once all the savings of entire life goes in the form of bills, what will be left for dependent like younger children or spouse. Think wisely and stop drinking alcohol and smoking immediately. It is my humble request to all the people who are all suffering with the ‘want’ of having pleasure in the form of smoking cigarette or drinking alcohol.

Shifting thought is very difficult for many people. As a life coach, I can understand your problem and can suggest a better & easiest route to shift the thought instantly when you get the thought of consuming alcohol or smoking.

After through examination of your health, A compulsory advice by your doctor to stop drinking alcohol or smoking all of sudden would makes you more disappointed rather you stop it slowly by conscious thought pattern.

If you want to shift your thought easily, you can apply a special internal technique which is demonstrated in 3 videos by an international software & life coach Mr. Raj Punarvasi. If you delay the process of downloading would lead to an disastrous situation where you have to pay your entire savings to hospital one day. Also, there may be a chance of not coming back to home again. Think wisely today and download this product to change your life for your own well being.


You can save lot of money if you can stop drinking alcohol or smoking for ever. Your success in applying and follow this technique would be great achievement for yourself. It will also become a great contribution to your family and to the society. Do not share these videos with any one after you purchase. Let them purchase again. When they buy, they will feel the worth of the technique and follow to succeed.

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