Book list of various SAP courses

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SCM601_DE_Col10 – Prozesse in Logistics Execution.pdf
SCM601_DE_Col15 – Prozesse in Logistics Execution (searchable).pdf
SCM601_EN_Col10 – Processes in Logistics Execution.pdf
SCM601_EN_Col15 – Processes in Logistics Execution.pdf
SCM605 – Sales.pdf
SCM605_DE_Col10 – Verkaufsprozesse in SAP ERP.pdf
SCM605_DE_Col15 – Verkaufsprozesse in SAP ERP (searchable).pdf
SCM605_EN_Col10 – Sales Processing in SAP ERP.pdf
SCM605_EN_Col15 – Sales Processing in SAP ERP.pdf
SCM610 – Delivery Processes.pdf
SCM610_DE_Col10 – Lieferprozesse in SAP ERP.pdf
SCM610_DE_Col15 – Lieferprozesse in SAP ERP (searchable).pdf
SCM610_EN_Col10 – Delivery Processes.pdf
SCM610_EN_Col15 – Delivery Processing in SAP ERP.pdf
SCM611_DE_Col10 – Konfiguration im Transport (searchable).pdf
SCM612 – APO Transportation Planning – Vehicle Scheduling (TP-VS).pdf
SCM615 – Billing.pdf
SCM615_DE_Col10 – Fakturierung in SAP ERP.pdf
SCM615_EN_Col10 – Billing.pdf
SCM615_EN_Col15 – Billing in SAP ERP.pdf
SCM620 – Pricing in Sales OrderManagement.pdf
SCM620_DE_Col10 – Preisfindung im Vertrieb.pdf
SCM620_DE_Col15 – Preisfindung im Vertrieb (searchable).pdf
SCM620_EN_Col10 – Pricing in SD.pdf
SCM620_EN_Col15 – Pricing in Sales and Distribution.pdf
SCM630 – Warehouse Management – Participant Handbook.pdf
SCM630_DE_Col10 – Warehouse Management.pdf
SCM630_EN_Col10 – Warehouse Management.pdf
SCM630_EN_Col15 – Warehouse Management.pdf

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