Book list of various SAP courses

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S4H01 COL03 New_Arani.pdf
S4H01_DE_Col03 – Einführung in SAP S4HANA.pdf
S4H01_EN_Col02 – Introduction to SAP S4-HANA.pdf
S4H01_EN_Col03 – Introduction to SAP S4HANA.pdf
S4H01_EN_Col04 – Introduction to SAP S4HANA.pdf
S4H01_EN_Col05 – SAP Business Suite to SAP S4HANA Delta (searchable).pdf
S4H01_EN_Col09 – SAP Business Suite to SAP S4HANA Delta (searchable).pdf
S4H100_DE_Col03 – SAP-S4HANA- Implementierungsszenarien.pdf
S4H100_EN_Col03 – SAP S4 HANA Implementation Scenarios.pdf
S4H100_EN_Col04 – SAP S4 HANA Implementation Scenarios.pdf
S4H100_EN_Col05 – SAP S4HANA Implementation Scenarios (searchable).pdf
S4H400_DE_Col03 – S4 HANA Analytics Übersicht.pdf
S4H400_EN_Col04 – S4HANA Analytics Overview.pdf
S4H400_EN_Col11 – SAP S4HANA Embedded Analytics Foundation (searchable).pdf
S4H410_DE_Col04 – SAP S4HANA Embedded Analytics und Modellierung mit CDS-Views.pdf
S4H410_EN_Col03 – S4HANA Analytics.pdf
S4H410_EN_Col04 – S4HANA Analytics – Modeling Basics with Core Data Services (CDS Views).pdf

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