Book list of various SAP courses

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PLM220 – Project Management..Logistics.pdf
PLM230 – Project Accounting with Networks and Revenues.pdf
PLM235 – Project Controlling with Work Breakdown Structures.pdf
PLM240 – Project Management..Reporting.pdf
PLM300 – Plant Maitenance.pdf
PLM301 – Business Processes in Customer Service.pdf
PLM310 – Preventive Maintenance and Service.pdf
PLM315 – Maintenance Processing – Operational Functions.pdf
PLM315 – Maintenance Processing..Operational Functions.pdf
PLM316 – Maintenance Processing – Controlling and Reporting.pdf
PLM316 – Maintenance Processing..Controlling and Reporting.pdf
PLM318 – Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management.pdf
PLM318_EN_Col15 – Analytics im Enterprise Asset Management.pdf
PLM320 – Work Clearance Management.pdf
PLM330 – Service Contracts.pdf
PLM335 – Service Processing.pdf
PLM360 COL98.pdf
PLM360_EN_Col98 – Multi Resource Scheduling (MRS).pdf
PLM400 – Quality Management.pdf
PLM400_EN_Col15 – Quality Management.pdf
PLM400_EN_Col98 – Business Processes in Quality Management.pdf
PLM405 – Quality Inspections.pdf
PLM410 – Quality Notifications.pdf
PLM412_EN_Col98 – Quality Planning and Inspection.pdf
PLM415 – Quality Management in Logistics.pdf

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