Book list of various SAP courses

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LO235 – KANBAN.pdf
LO515 – Invoice Verification.pdf
LO520 – Purchasing Details And Optimization.pdf
LO525 – Consumption-Based Planning & Forecasting.pdf
LO530 – Warehouse Management.pdf
LO531 – Special Topics in Warehouse Management.pdf
LO540 – Procurement Of External Services.pdf
LO550 – Cross-Functional Customizing In Material Managing.pdf
LO605 – Sales.pdf
LO610 – Shipping.pdf
LO620 – Pricing in SD.pdf
LO640 – Foreign Trade & Customs.pdf
LO650 – Cross-Functional Customizing in SD.pdf
LO715 – QM in Procurement.pdf
LO815 – Maintenance Processing — Operational_Functions.pdf
LO835 – Service Processing.pdf
LO935 – Flexible Planning.pdf
LO955 – Batch Management.pdf
LO980 – Engineering Change Management.pdf
LO985 – Classification.pdf
LO990 – Variant Configuration_Part I.pdf
LO991 – Variant Configuration_Part II.pdf
Logistic Core Operations With SAP.pdf
LT100_EN_Col94 – SAP Landscape Transformation.pdf
LVM100_EN_Col10 – Cloud and Virtualization Management for SAP Solutions.pdf

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