Book list of various SAP courses

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HR580_DE_Col10 – Analytics und Reporting im HCM.pdf
HR580_DE_Col15 – Analytics und Reporting im HCM.pdf
HR580_EN_Col10 – Analytics and Reporting in HCM.pdf
HR580_EN_Col15 – Analytics and Reporting in HCM.pdf
HR800_EN_Col62 – SAP SuccessFactors Foundations Administration.pdf
HR811_EN_Col62 – SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Administration.pdf
HR812_EN_Col62 – SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll Administration.pdf
HR821_EN_Col62 – SAP SuccessFactors Goal Management Administration.pdf
HR825_EN_Col62 – SAP Succe-Factors 360 Degree Multi-Rater Review Administration.pdf
HR826_EN_Col62 – SAP Succe-Factors Calibration Administration.pdf
HR827_EN_Col62 – SAP Succe-Factors Performance Management Administration.pdf
HR831_EN_Col62 – SAP Succe-Factors Recruiting Management Administration.pdf
HR834_EN_Col62 – SAP Succe-Factors Onboarding Administration.pdf
HR841_EN_Col62 – SAP Succe-Factors Succe-ion Management Administration.pdf
HR852_EN_Col62 – SAP Succe-Factors Compensation Administration.pdf
HR853_EN_Col62 – SAP Succe-Factors Variable Pay Administration.pdf
HR868_EN_Col62 – Introduction to SAP Succe-Factors Learning Report Designer.pdf

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