Book list of various SAP courses

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HR310 – Time Evaluation With Clock Times.pdf
HR311 – Time Evolution Without Clock Times.pdf
HR315 – Recruitment.pdf
HR316 – E-Recruiting.pdf
HR325 – Benefits Administration (North America).pdf
HR325 – Benefits Administration.pdf
HR350 – Programming in HR.pdf
HR390 – Introduction To Payroll.pdf
HR400 – Payroll Configuration(Col92).pdf
HR400 – Payroll Management.pdf
HR400_DE_Col10 – Konfiguration Abrechnung.pdf
HR400_DE_Col15 – SAP-ERP-HCM-Personalabrechnungskonfiguration.pdf
HR400_EN_Col10 – Payroll Configuration.pdf
HR400_EN_Col15 – Payroll Configuration.pdf
HR490 – Incentive Wages.pdf
HR505 – Organizational Management.pdf
HR505_DE_Col10 – Organisationsmanagement.pdf
HR505_DE_Col15 – Organisationsmanagement.pdf
HR505_EN_Col10 – Organizational Management.pdf
HR505_EN_Col15 – Organizational Management.pdf
HR506 – Advanced Organizational Management.pdf
HR510 – Personnel Development.pdf
HR510_DE_Col10 – Personalentwicklung.pdf
HR510_EN_Col10 – Personnel Development.pdf
HR510_EN_Col15 – Personnel Development and Performance Management.pdf
HR515 – Training And Event Management.pdf
HR520 – Shift Planning.pdf
HR530 – Technical Topics in HR.pdf
HR540 – Compensation Management.pdf
HR550 – Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation.pdf
HR580 – Reporting In Human Resources.pdf

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