Book list of various SAP courses

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BW350_EN_Col10 – SAP BW Data Acquisition.pdf
BW350H_EN_Col15 – SAP BW powered by SAP HANA- Data Acquisition.pdf
BW360 – BW Performance & Administration – Instructor.pdf
BW360 – BW Performance & Administration(2005Q1).pdf
BW360 – SAP BI Performance & Administration(Col74).pdf
BW360_BI Performance and Administration.pdf
BW360_DE_Col10 – BW Betrieb und Performance.pdf
BW360_EN_Col10 – BW Operations and Performance.pdf
BW362_EN_Col11 – SAP BW powered by SAP HANA.pdf
BW365 – Business Information Warehouse – Authorization(2005Q1).pdf
BW365 – BW Authorisations – Instructor.pdf
BW365 – SAP BI − User Management & Authorizations(2006Q2).pdf
BW365 – SAP BI − User Management & Authorizations(2007Q4).pdf
BW365_DE_Col10 – Benutzerverwaltung und Berechtigungen.pdf
BW365_EN_Col10 – User Management & Authorizations.pdf
BW370 – BI Integrated Planning.pdf
BW370_EN_Col98 – BI Integrated Planning.pdf
BW370-Intergrated Planning.pdf
BW380 – SAP Business Intelligence – Analysis Processes and Data Mining.pdf
BW405_DE_Col14 – Query-Design und Analyse in BW4HANA (searchable).pdf
BW410_DE_Col14 – Data Warehousing mit SAP BW4HANA (searchable).pdf
BW430_DE_Col14 – SAP-BW4HANA-Datenmodellierung (searchable).pdf
BW450_DE_Col14 – SAP BW4HANA – Datenbereitstellung (searchable).pdf
BW465_EN_Col14 – SAP BW4HANA – User Management and Authorizations (searchable).pdf
BYD15_EN_Col84 – SAP Business ByDesign Implementation Fundamentals (searchable).pdf
BYD20_EN_Col83 – SAP Business ByDesign (searchable).pdf
BYD30_EN_Col92 – Supply Chain Management with SAP Business (searchable).pdf

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