Book list of various SAP courses

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BIT601_DE_Col10 – SAP Workflow – Definition und Einsatz kundenspezifischer Workflows.pdf
BIT601_DE_Col16 – SAP Workflow – Definition and Use of Customer-Specific Workflows (searchable).pdf
BIT601_EN_Col10 – SAP Business Workflow – Build and Use.pdf
BIT601_EN_Col15 – SAP Workflow – Build and Use.pdf
BIT601_EN_Col16 – SAP Workflow – Definition and Use of Customer-Specific Workflows (searchable).pdf
BIT602_EN_Col19 – SAP Workflow with SAP Fiori (searchable).pdf
BIT603 – Workflow and Web.pdf
BIT603_DE_Col62 – Workflow und Web.pdf
BIT603_EN_Col62 – SAP Business Workflow and Web Scenarios.pdf
BIT610 – SAP Workflow Programming – Instructor Handbook.pdf
BIT610 – SAP Workflow Programming – Participant Handbook.pdf
BIT611 – SAP Business Workflow – Advanced Programming with ABAP OO.pdf
BIT615 – SAP Archive Link.pdf
BIT640 – SAP Records Management in Detail.pdf
BIT670_EN_Col02 – Data Archiving and SAP ILM – Customer-Specific Developments (searchable).pdf
BIT750_EN_Col02 – SAP Application Interface Framework.pdf
BIT800_EN_Col15 – Process Orchestration Overview.pdf
BIT800_EN_Col16 – Process Orchestration Overview.pdf
BIT900_EN_Col10 – SAP HANA Cloud Integration – Overview.pdf
BIW Administration Workbench.pdf
BO100 – SAP BusinessObjects XI Integration for SAP NetWeaver BW(Col93).pdf

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