Book list of various SAP courses

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BIT500_EN_Col15 – SAP Java Process Integration.pdf
BIT525 – Developing BAPI Enabled Web Applications with Visual Basic.pdf
BIT526 – Developing BAPI-Enabled Web Applications with Java.pdf
BIT528 – SAP.Net Connector Programming.pdf
BIT530 – Introduction to the SAP Business Connector.pdf
BIT531- SAP Business Connector Integrator.pdf
BIT600 – SAP Workflow Concepts, Inboxes, Reporting, and Using Standard Templates.pdf
BIT600_DE_Col10 – SAP-Workflow – Konzepte, Eingänge, Reporting und Standardmuster.pdf
BIT600_DE_Col16 – SAP Workflow – Konzepte, Inboxes, Reporting und Umgang (searchable).pdf
BIT600_EN_Col10 – SAP Business Workflow – Concepts, Inboxes, Reporting and Template Usage.pdf
BIT600_EN_Col15 – SAP Business Workflow – Concepts, Inboxes, and Template Usage.pdf
BIT600_EN_Col16 – SAP Workflow – Concepts, Inboxes, Reporting (searchable).pdf
BIT601 – SAP Workflow Definition and Use of Customer-Specific Workflows.pdf

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