Book list of various SAP courses

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TCRM20_1_DE_Col10 – CRM – Fundamentals II – Teil 1.pdf
TCRM20_1_EN_Col10 – CRM – Fundamentals II – Part 1.pdf
TCRM20_1_EN_Col15 – CRM – Fundamentals II – Part 1.pdf
TCRM20_2_DE_Col10 – CRM – Fundamentals II – Teil 2.pdf
TCRM20_2_EN_Col10 – CRM – Fundamentals II – Part 2.pdf
TCRM20_2_EN_Col15 – CRM – Fundamentals II part II.pdf
TDMS10_EN_Col93 – SAP Test Data Migration Server.pdf
TDMS10_EN_Col94 – TDMS10 Test Data Configuration and Execution with SAP TDMS 4.0.pdf
TDMS20_EN_Col93 – Reporting – Using SAP TDMS for BPL, HCM and Data Scrambling.pdf
TE2E10_1_EN_Col95 – SAP Solution ManagerOperations – Part 1.pdf
TE2E10_2_EN_Col95 – SAP Solution ManagerOperations – Part 2.pdf
Technology of enterprise software SAP – examples (German).pdf
Techrelam_ SAP HANA Administration Activities.pdf
TEP10 – SAP Enterprise Portal Implementation and Operation (1).pdf
TEP10 – SAP Enterprise Portal Implementation and Operation.pdf
TEP10 – SAP EnterprisePortals Admin.pdf
TEP10ao – EP_PART3.pdf

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