Be careful before planing for pay per click program

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Yahoo search marketing is a pay per click advertisement program like google adwords. We have to create advertisements about our products or services and place a bid per click. So if any body searches related to our products or services yahoo search engine will show the advertisements we created in right hand side of the yahoo search engine. We have to pay only when any body clicks on our advertisement. We can place a bid as minimum as we want, but the chances of appearing ad will be lesser. This program connects the customer’s searches what you sell. You can sell any product or service through this program with less investment for advertising. You should have good landing page of your product or service before planning pay per click advertisement program. You will loose your money if you don’t plan properly plan of landing page.

I have tried this plan day before yesterday for my service of web designing. I have created an advertisement to sell Search Engine Optimized Website for $249. I had opted maximum bid of $10 per click according to the suggestions given by yahoo search marketing website. I have deposited $30 from my American express credit card as they are offering only prepaid accounts. I have opted for daily limit of $30 to show advertisement. I have checked reports next day; I was surprised that there is no money in my account. The account balance came to zero and the advertisement stopped showing. I got only 8 clicks for 1735 impressions and the average cost per click was $3.9. Then I realized that I kept minimum daily limit of $30 and maximum bid of $10 per click. But I was unhappy for not getting any orders for spending of $30.

Then I decided not to waste money for pay per click advertisement for poor landing page quality as well as poor marketing techniques which are in our landing page. Before planning for pay per click programs we need to thoroughly check the content or information about the product or service we are selling. So we have to see the landing page quality before planning for pay per click programs. The customer searches for a product or service in search engine with his interest only. He will click on our advertisement by seeing the ad text. He should have the same feeling after visiting landing page. Then only the chance of buying is more. Ultimately we need to create product selling page.

Pay per click program is great because it brings interested customers only to buy our products or services. We need the potential customers only to sell more products in less time. Getting potential customers is the head ache of pay per click program. Placing the good convincing tools in the product or service selling web page is our duty.  The online business will run perfectly by following above both steps.

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