Basic user administration in SAP system

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After creating users in SAP system, we have to understand some other basic tasks we have to do regularly. In SAP user administration people will do normally Creating users, Changing user settings, Displaying users, Deleting users, Copying users, Locking users and Changing passwords of users. I will explain all aspects of user administration in the following paragraphs. We need to do more practice to understand the things in better way. We should have user administration authorization to do this practice.

We have seen user creation in the previous articles. We have understood the users can be created in two ways… they are each user can be created independently and can create mass users. Mass user creation is very easy job to create more than one user in single go. I prefer creating mass users always. We can attach these users to different roles of SAP system.

We can any settings, properties or authorizations using change button of a User Maintenance screen. We will get this screen after hitting transaction SU01. We have to type the user and click the change button to change the settings of that particular user. Change as many settings and click Save button or ctrl+S. The setting will be saved and display the User Maintenance: Initial Screen. We can change the settings of a user like Address, Logon Data, Defaults, Parameters, Roles, Profiles, Groups, Personalization, License Data.

Display button in the User Maintenance: Initial Screen will be used to display the information about a particular user. The information just like change button will be displayed except changing disabled. We can not change any settings of a user by clicking on display button.

We can use the delete button in the User Maintenance: Initial Screen to delete a user. To delete a user type the user name in the provided box and click delete button. Click Yes in the confirmation message box. User will be deleted and will come to the initial user maintenance screen. In real time the deleting user situation comes when the user removed or resigned from the company and will not be replaced by company any more in future.

Copying a user is also a important task when there is a replacement of employee or similar employee with same job role joined in a company. The user will have same authorizations and roles except user name, address and password. To copy a user, type the user name in the initial user maintenance screen and click copy button. Enter User name to which we want to copy and Accept the defaults in the copy users screen and click copy (F5) button. Type the initial and repeat password in the Maintain user screen and click save. The new user will be created along with old user authorizations. New user can use his own user name and password to login to the SAP system with the same privileges as old user.

We can lock a user account when the employee goes on leave for limited period of time to avoid misuse of his/her user name in his/her absence. To lock a user, Type the user name in the initial user maintenance screen and click lock button. Click Lock button in the “Lock User username” dialog box. The user will be locked and displays the initial user maintenance screen. We also can unlock a user account in the same way as we did locking a user account. This will be done when the employee comes back from his leave.

We can use the password changing button to change the password of any user account. Password of any user can also change from the button “Change”. But, This is easiest way of changing a password any user account.

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