Why background processing is required in an SAP system?

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If  you ever wanted to know the best and accurate way to know as to why background processing is required in sap system, then you have landed in the right page. I am raj an international sap basis tarining expert having a huge demand for my training in more than 55 countries. I have taken the necessary care and attention to kep the explanation up to the point and very easy to understand.In an SAP system, different work processes are used to perform different types of works. Some works need to be executed as fast as possible and some works will take much more time than we think. For example, creating an invoice within an SAP system should be created as soon as the required information is filled in to the related from. This particular work should be performed by a dialog work process. Another example is, If you want to know the sales report of entire year in a particular region, this particular job may need more time than earlier work mentioned. To perform this particular job, a Background work process will be used.

Dialog work process maximum runtime

There is a certain time limit for performing dialog works within an SAP system. This setting will be done with the help of system profile parameter rdisp/max_wprun_time in an SAP system. Default value of this parameter is 600seconds, i.e 10 minutes. If, the time to get the sales report of entire year within a region takes more than 10 minutes, then the query will be terminated. To avoid this limitation, background work process will be used to generate such a long running jobs. For executing functions using background work process, there is no such time limitation. They will run until the program gives the result. This type of arrangement of configuring different type of work processes to perform different tasks is most useful to avoid interruption to online users. So the background processing is required in an SAP system. Perhaps background processing in an SAP system is very significant, which is will be used to run functions like backups,  long report generation…etc

Long-running programs should be run in background

Background work process will be used to run long running programs in an SAP system. Dialog work processes should not be burdened due to long running programs in an SAP system. If you do so, the online interactive programs will not run properly. There are multiple dialog work processes and background work processes configured in each instance of an SAP system. So that the different types of functions will be run by respective type of work processes.  You should always take special care of not to run long-running programs in dialog mode within an sap system. if you run long running program in dialog mode, the program will be terminated after maximum runtime has been elapsed.

What is the use of background processing in an SAP system

Background processing reduces the load on dialog resources. There are limited dialog work processes are configured for more number of front end users of an SAP system. These limited work processes should execute the programs associated with t-codes that multiple front-end users run. For example, If you have 200 users are concurrently logged on to SAP system using their front-end software may use 10-20 dialog work processes. So, you should make sure that these dialog work processes always free from long-running programs. You should configure enough background work processes to run long-running programs to avoid the risk of utilizing dialog work processes to run programs that takes long time.

Background  processing is also called as batch processing which run by batch work process. A job is processed by one background work process. A job can contain one or more jobs steps and the step can be an ABAP program, An external command or an external program. Every job will be processed by one single background work processes without interruption. There are different priorities are available for background processing in an SAP system. They are Class A, B and C. Class A jobs will be processed as high priority over Class B, C type jobs. 90% of all tasks will run with Class C priority in an SAP system.

SAP background processing  will be processed using jobs that can be triggered either at a particular time or after an event triggered.

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