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Health care products:

Aloevera juice (Multi Purpose): Useful for diabetes, B.P., Weight reduction. constipation, ulcers, cholesterol, asthma, piles (Genaral Health care Tonic)

Wheat Grass: Diabetic, Blood cancer, Menstrual problems, Paralysis, Blood Purifyiong & Blood improvement Piles and Pistula, Arthiritis and skin allergies all chronic diseases.

Amla Juice: (Vitamic C) Blood purification Internal pains, High BP, Gas trouble, Stomach disorders, Skin / Hair use

Slimolax: Obesity, Acidity, Constipation, Diabetes, Hypertension, Indigestion, Joint pains, Fat control

Noni Juice: Blood cancer, B.P, Aids sexual problems, Skin allergies, Kidney problems, Menstrual problems.

Aswagandha Lehyam: Useful for nervous system, weakness, stress and sexual weakness and debility.

Saraswathi Lehyam: It is used in behaviourial disorders and memory disturbances and blood purification, memory

Skin care products:

Aloevera green gel: Pimples, Blackheads, Burn marks, Skin allergies and Psoriasis. Tanning and foot cracks

Aloevera Smoothing gel (Dry Skin): Skin smoothness and soft, Sun protect and after shaving lotion, Natural moisturizer.

Aloevera Papaya gel (Oil Skin): Pimples, Elbow marks, skin looseness, Burn marks, cut marks, pigmentation, oil control

Saffron cream (Keshari): Nourishing cream for dry skin, wrinkles, Tanning dark circles around eyes and colour improvement.

Rose cream: Sun damage, makes skin feel softer & smoother.

Herbal bath powder: (Special) Skin allergies, Skin Smoother & soft, Psoriasis, Freshness

Hair care products:

Bhringraj Hair Oil:  White hair stop, controlling hair fall and dandruf. Hair regrowth, complete hair care

Aloevera Hair Oil: Helps your hair to be healthy long strong and dark, conditioner

Herbal mixed henna: Hair conditioner hair falling, dandruff, gray hair stopping, Natural die and conditioner

Aloevera Shampoo: Controlls hair fall and dandruff, keep hair smooth silky complete hair care

Conditioner shampoo (Coconut & Triphala): Recommended for especially dull lifeless hair it will restore the oil balance in your hair and nourish it gently to bring back thickness and bounce to your hair.

Rita shikkakaya shampoo (Oily Hair): controls hair fall and dandruff, keep hair smooth silky soft.

Herbal mixed henna: Henna is a complete hair care and natural dye and conditioner

Consult Dr. R. Supraja, B.A.MS (MD, Ayurveda) Regd. No. 27783 Dr. Consulting Hours: Monday to Saturday 4:00PM to 08:00PM

Herbal Ayurvedic Organic Natural Store ( All types of Herbal Powders available)

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