Why should you avoid intraday trading?

This is the article based on my own real story about intraday training pushed me into loss. It’s a great day today because I woke up. I don’t know what happened during my sleep. Nothing in my mind disturbed whole night approximately 6hrs. No worries about anything. No information got processed to execute. Complete control has been given to my creator. He took care of me during my sleep and he filled full of energy to perform my entire day actions. With full of energy and enthusiasm I have started my day.

Why should you avoid intraday trading?

Do you know what would I thought as soon as I wake up? Can you guess? I have just thought about money. Actually I don’t want to think about money. Instead I should think about my creator who helped me to woke me up after the sleep. But unfortunately I forgot about his help and wandered thoughts about money making or earning.

I have completed all the morning activities and sat in front a laptop. The first website opened is related to share market. Because I have the thought of earning money. I thought share market is the best place to make some quick money.

I have seen some tips about intraday trading. I have tried to place the order in one of the company that is suggested in the trading account. Due to low margin, the order got rejected. Because I have selected delivery instead of intraday. Because there isn’t enough money to buy the stock to take the delivery it got rejected.

My mind was fluctuated at peak when I click buy button, but it got rejected. Actually I don’t want my mind to think seriously about money invested after placing the order. I couldn’t manage. Mind was there continuously thinking about fear of loss. Because it is intraday. I have to book either lose or profit on the same day. When I see the order got rejected mind became relaxed. Then I observed my mind which was very cool because the money is not invested. My mind realised that there is no guarantee of lose or profit for that day in the share market.

But, after few minutes I have called a person who is working with my broker company to find out the reason for rejection. He informed about my mistake. I have realised and asked him to change it to intraday.

He said that the price of the stock which is placed by me already gone up. Also he took the permission from me to inform about any other tip that he get from his management. I said yes.

He called me approximately in 1 hour and told me that one tip is suggested by the brokerage company. I asked him to take the position. He took and also placed the sell order for certain profit. My mind started thinking again about the money that is utilised for taking intraday position. I have checked about the price almost 15-20 times within 45 minutes. Price dropped by 1% and immediately I called him and asked what to do. He told that let us wait up to stop loss. I asked him to buy another 1000 shares. My idea is to sell at lower price than previously placed sell price. Another 1 hour passed and seen the price almost reached the price which we set to sell. But only 200 shares got sold and remaining 1800 not sold. Price dropped by almost 2% this time. I thought to buy another 1000 shares to sell at even more lesser target. I have executed the buy order for another 1000 shares. Now I have 2800 shares to sell. Time to close the market is just 1 hour 15 minutes at this stage. Finally all the 2800 shares sold by the system at market price due to market close. So final loss including brokerage is approximately 1.2%

If you have observed about my mind during whole story, My mind is completely engaged where I have invested money. I couldn’t able to concentrate any other productive work during the complete trading period. It’s almost 6 hours. If I would utilise the same time for writing this kind of articles would be better. My article gives long term gain through the advertisements that are published in this page. Due to this 6 hours my whole day got unproductive. But I have some great things and took the promise myself not to get into this kind of quick money making. By lord’s grace it got closed only with 1.2% loss.

What you should learn from this whole story is not to get into any kind of quick money making schemes such as intraday trading, casinos or gambling. If you want to really earn good money, invest some portion of earnings that are generated through your skill into good companies and wait for long term. Also most important point is never take leverage. Invest your own money in well established and dividend giving companies. Learn how to run your family only with the earnings from your own skills and also with the dividends. Your life will be in safe zone always.

Thank you for reading my real one day story. Please leave your opinion about intraday trading. I am not good in this intraday trading. If you are experienced you can suggest people about safe trading. As I am a life skills coach, loss is not effected my brain. I have shifted my mind towards my main activity of recording Videos, writing articles, writing books and of course more focus in life coaching. I know that I can earn decent money with my own skill that is developed within me. But at last I don’t forget to invest some portion of income in good companies to build wealth for my children and wife…

All the very best for your success in your personal and career life.

Raj Punarvasi- Software & Life coach

Raj Punarvasi – Life coach

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