Author: laxmi

What is Ajax?

Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript + XML) is nothing more than ab approach to web interaction. This approach involves transmitting a small amount of information to and from the server in order to give the user the most responsive experience possible. Ajax engine acts as an intermediate layer between a web browser and web server for initiating …

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Introduction to Javascript

JavaScript is a scripting language which enables us to enhance static and dynamic web applications by providing interactive content. This improve the experience of the visitor’s of our site and makes them to revisit again to our site. Some of the examples are flashy drop-down menus, moving text, changing content without refreshing the page. These …

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The list of website where one can find Intermediate Results

The following website links are for getting intermediate results which are announced at 11:30AM today. II Inter results are coming today. You can get the grade of each Intermediate candidate. If you are facing any problem in getting intermediate results online, Please contact us. We will provide your results through mail or phone. Please leave …

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