Assembling a computer? step-by-step

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The only device which can be assembled by a common man is computer. Here we will not use soldering iron to assemble a computer. We need only screw driver and required screws to assemble a computer. We should take care about using right screw at right place. Using wrong screws may spoil some of the devices. Here I am explaining about assembling a computer. Just follow my steps as it is to avoid confusion.

Following are the Steps to do computer assembling.

The parts required to assemble a computer are processor, mother board, ram, hard disk, dvd writer, cabinet, smps, key board, mouse, monitor, speakers…etc. keep all these parts ready before starting assembling. You should also have one good screw driver and keep your hands always dry while doing assembling to avoid short circuit.

Open the processor box and keep the processor and processor fan aside. You should be very careful while opening processor box. The processor may fall down, if you don’t open it carefully. Nowadays processor will not have any pins. This processor can be inserted onto the mother board directly without applying force.

Open the mother board box and remove all the cables, steel IO plate and manual out and keep a side.  Place the mother board on mother board box until fix a processor onto it. Open the processor lever and keep processor inside processor slot and fix the lever as it is. Keep processor fan on the processor and fix fan with provided hooks. Directions will be available in the processor manual.

We should keep the Cabinet + SMPS facing up by opening side plates. You should fix the steel IO port to the cabinet before fixing mother board.  Keep the mother board inside cabinet and check for provisions to fix it and place screw holders accordingly. Tight all the screws by keeping mother board inside. Connect all front panel connectors by following as mentioned in mother board manual.

We can insert RAM into RAM slot which will be on mother board. This is a Random Access Memory which will we inserted directly on the mother board without using any cables or connectors. This is very important part in a computer. So handle it very carefully.

We can place Hard Disk Drive and DVD Drive inside the cabinet in provided places and fix with proper screws. Connect these devices to mother board using IDE cable which will come along with mother board. Use the power connectors from the SMPS to connect these devices.

Close the side plates of cabinet and connect keyboard, mouse and monitor to IO ports of mother board from backside of the cabinet. Connect the power card to SMPS. Give power to monitor from power source. Switch on the computer to get display on monitor. Please check all the connections properly before switching on the computer.

Disclaimer:  I am not responsible for any damage to the computer because of your fault. Please take the advice from a hardware engineer before switching on a computer after assembling. Don’t repeat the assembling on same computer. The connectors will become loose and the computer becomes useless.

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