An instant technique to avoid arguments at home or office

The main reason for arguments at home or office will be because of some sort of small/medium/big mistake done by another human being(ha ha… you can not argue with an animal). Your body/mind generate generate some kind of internal emotion called anger on the person who does mistake(in your point of view). The other person who may be your relative, friend, office colleague or completely a stranger.


When you fall into this kind of a situation, I can understand that, you can not control the situation only with series of continues dialogues/talks. You may get into a big fighting form a small issue because of not related abuse language used by both persons involved. It is not the solution to talk about not related to solve the current problem or to avoid arguments. You must understand that controlling the opposite person’s talks is almost impossible by you immediately. Anything which is external will not be in your control. You must understand this truth first. Also you must agree that, you can control yourself easily by using your own mind consciously. Once you agree that above two statements are correct, then wait for a moment and turn your focus on to your mind and analyse the sentences that are generating at that moment and deliver sentences consciously. If you can practice to train your mind when you come in front of handling difficult situations, after 5-10 attempts, the game of avoiding arguments will become very easy for you.

The instant technique is, wait for a moment before talking something after an incident happened, close your eyes and be calm for some moments. To become calm instantly, you can inhale and exhale for 3 times by putting your focus on your breath. If the situation doesn’t come into your control within few minutes, stop discussing and involve into doing other work. Arguments also can completely be avoided by giving the time gap from the situation happens. You can also try to divert your mind towards other big problem than current incident. You can make the opposite person to involve into solving the big problem which is common to both of you. ¬†Once you involve into other action, there will be a big chance of forgetting about the current situation.

What is the main intention of scolding opposite person is to get some sort of self satisfaction immediately. Self satisfaction out of argument is not a good idea to live healthy. Your stress levels will improve unconsciously without spending single penny. You will become sick in installments and makes you to to visit hospital often. Once you get into hospital and start paying your medical bills, your expenses will be increased. who will be in the lose? Ultimately you will be in the big losses and may fall into loop of loan repayments. The action of converting all of your useless emotions into joyful emotions is in your hands. That means, you are a big doctor for yourself and to your family or to your organization(If you are a business man or CEO). Try to become a solution provider instead of becoming a problem creator.

You(Each individual) must think in this direction and have to perform your daily activities without conflicts, fear and with more clarity. You must channel your energy appropriately to perform the actions. When you function by putting above positive thoughts into your actions, outcome from such actions will be at its best and turn into huge profits. Once all the individuals become pleasant within, no more arguments and leads to saving lot of money by reducing unnecessary expenses.

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