Affiliate marketing to sell my videos on Software & Well being

Raj Punarvasi
Raj Punarvasi – Software & Well being coach. I have created more than 200 videos on technology and well being. I have also authored more than 600 articles. I have trained and helped people in more than 50 countries.

Affiliate marketing to sell my videos on Software & Well being is the best business to make decent online money and it will be credited to your bank account directly by the payment gateway.

I am Mr. Raj Punarvasi, I have trained and helped people in more than 50 countries. I have recorded more than 200 videos on technology and well being . All these videos are most essential and useful for many people. You can easily sell these videos just by following certain online marketing strategies. You can become my affiliate to sell any of my video products for 50% commission on each sale.

Before promoting my videos, I feel you must have some basic knowledge on how to create a personal or business website and how to make it live to showcase the products to sell. So that I recommend to download following video product which is created by me to transfer my real time experience in web designing.

Web design course videos (40)

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of promotional activity to sell other people’s products or services for decent commission. When you decide to work as an affiliate marketer, you must keep 2 points in your mind. 1. How and when the payments will be credited to your account 2. Type of products that you have to sell. It would be good, If the product is digitally downloadable instantly after making the payment by the customer. More over digital products does not have any kind of problems like damage in the transit and does not need to give warranty or guarantee. That means, no support required after sales. This kind of products are good to the buyer and the seller and of course to the promoter…

Why should you sell my videos in your affiliate marketing

My videos are already bought by many people from more than 50 countries and enjoying freedom of learning. All the videos are practical oriented and demonstrated straight to the point. You can watch the demo videos of each course and then decide to do affiliate marketing to sell my own videos.

Affiliate marketing is most popular business in current trend which will help you to earn tension free money from different customers. Once you become my affiliate, you can make huge money simply by sitting at home just by promoting affiliate links or advertising through search engines. I will provide some free videos on how to do search engine marketing. You can also learn all the techniques to make yourself as independent successful online business owner.

You can get back to me for more information about this affiliate marketing program. You can also share this information in your contacts using the following social networking buttons. They may be interested to earn money online by selling digital downloadable products. You can also subscribe to my mailing list to get updates about my videos.

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    i will like to know more about your business proposal/affiliate marketing – marketing your products.
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