8 major benefits of yogic exercises

There are huge number of benefits form the yogic exercises. The following are 8 major benefits of yogic exercises should be considered always to gain interest to do yogic exercises.

8 major benefits of yogic exercises

8 Major benefits of Yogic exercises

  1. Moments in your body: You should maintain good health always to become successful in any field. You may choose various physical exercises to keep yourself healthy. There will be a fast moment of muscles in such physical exercises which leads in rapid functioning of heart and lungs. You will be exhausted very quickly. Some physical exercises develops only arms and chest. Thus the exercises become lopsided and results in disharmony in your total personality.

    Where as in the yogic exercises, the moments of the body are gentle and rhythmic. There is a harmonious development of all the muscles of your body. Your internal organs & the nerves gets strengthened.

  2. Yogic exercises – 8 Benefits

  3. Good for important body organs: When you do the regular practice of some set of asanas and some breathing exercises, the important body organs such as your brain, heart and lungs along with cerebro-spinal systems would be in healthy condition.
  4. Cures diseases: Yogic exercises prevent diseases & also cures present diseases if any.
  5. Prana flows inwards: The entire yogic exercises make the prana to flow inwards whereas in modern physical exercises, the energy is externalised.
  6. Very simple: Yoga is very simple, economical, exact and efficacious. Yoga can be practised without any extraneous help after obtaining the primary knowledge on how to practice different asanas along with focus on breathing and thinking about your on the spot activity.
  7. Spiritual seeking happens: Yogic exercises will help you to wake up the dormant spiritual faculty. You can feel more vibrant in the process of spiritual seeking. With yogic exercises, you will get clarity on your body moments, thoughts in your mind, emotions, energy within and of course your surroundings(people).
  8. Pleasing & Attractive: Regular practice of yogic exercises enables you to keep yourself pleasing & attractive. You can watch yourself in the mirror and feel the difference before and after practising yogic exercises. Once you looks attractive to yourself, your confidence levels will become high. When you get more confidence on the work that you have to perform, there is a sure shot success in the work.
  9. Prevent attacks: Yogic exercises protects the body from any kind of diseases (sudden attacks) by maintaining natural health. You may need to see the doctor often if you don’t care your health. Once you have to see the doctor, control will not be in your hand anymore. So, it is better to avoid doctor to save time, energy and money by practising yogic asanas.

How to keep focused to perform yogic exercises

Also, there are 1000’s of benefits of yogic exercises or yogasanas which can not be described all within singl post. Many of them are subtle¬†within yourself which can not be described with words. It is a kind of inner experience that is deep routed. You can also experience the inner calm by practising yogic exercises regularly. Your complete system (Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy) will be purified after completion of certain period of time. If you do not know how to do the yogasanas, you can go to your nearest yoga centre if any and learn the poses and practice them at your home without breaks.

If you want to infuse the quality of changing your thoughts towards your goals easily, you can join the course called ‘Thought Management System‘ by Raj Punarvasi (Me). This course will keep you focused always on the goal. The skills that you acquire acts as a instigator repeatedly until you perform the actions to get success for the goal achievement.

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