17 year girl asked me to drop her in a dangerous place

I was going on the way to my office which is located in a hill area in my city. I was just listening to a romantic song which is playing in my car. I am very much happily involved in listening the song and going at a speed of 30-40km per hour. It was raining outside and the climate was wonderful. Suddenly, my eyes were surprised to see a beautiful girl in the rain standing beside the road. She was in a wonderful dress and moving her hand up and down by showing her thumb up in the rain.  I have realized that she is asking for a lift. I have stopped my car and asked her to get in to my car. She came in and she is in deep silence without talking anything and also she has not informed me about where she wants to get down. I have taken the initiation and asked her that, ‘Where do you want me to drop?’ She replied by saying one of the dangerous place that I know. I have asked her that why do you want to go there? She replied me that, ‘It is none of your business’ please drop me without asking any further questions.

I was driving without further talk to her. But, my mind is not allowing me to drop her in the dangerous place that she has ponied. I am still in calm and slowly driving. She was weeping by covering her face with her hand kerchief. I have seen her weeping with the help of a my car mirror and asked her why are you crying? She replied stating that her father did not gave money to go to a birthday party along with her friends. I asked her that, why he is not allowing you for a birthday party? She has to buy a gift for her friend which is little expensive and asked money to her father. After some arguments at her home about money, she came out without informing her parents. I have asked again her that, what do you want to do in this heavy rain? She replied as there is no rain when she started form her home. Again I have asked her what is your plan by leaving home without informing your parents. She said that ‘She wants earn money to buy a gift for her friend’. I understood the matter about the work that she wants do by going to a place pointed by her. I felt very unhappy and instructed her it is not the right way to make money. She asked me that, ‘What is the right way to make money by today night to attend my friend’s birthday party along with the gift that I want to present as I promised?’ I have replied her stating that, it is not possible to earn money by today night as you expected even in the work that you are opted to do, but I can give an idea to solve your problem of presenting a gift as you promised. She has asked me with lot of curiosity about the solution. I have revealed the secret about the solution and seen instantly lot of happiness and confidence in her eyes. She asked me to drop her back in the place where she asked me the lift. Instead of dropping her in the place where I gave her lift, I went up to her house and dropped her.

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