100 problems that can be solved easily by applying the life skills

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100 problems that can be solved easily by applying the life skills. I have listed 100 most common problems that are usually mentioned by my clients here. All the problems can be solved easily by using or applying the life skills. Life skills are the techniques (or processes) that are very simple and easy to apply on yourself. Life skills are the internal processes that can be done without using any external physical devices. Life skill technique is a kind doing small exercise that enables you to perform the desired activity at your peak levels.

100 problems are here…

  1. Depending completely on others
  2. Fear of performing any kind of activity
  3. Confusion of doing things
  4. Poor decision making or decision that work against you
  5. Phobias from your past incidents
  6. Low confidence
  7. Lethargy (Laziness of doing your actions)
  8. Procrastination (Postponing your tasks)
  9. Unnecessary comparison (Creating stress due to comparing with others wealth or health)
  10.  Feeling jealousy when someone takes what you have
  11.  Feeling envy when you want someone has
  12. Greed – urge to have more of something, usually more than what you actually need
  13. Arguments at your home or office
  14. Depression due to any kind of situation in your life
  15. Feeling bore with yourself, with your family, with your work or with your boss
  16. Unable to concentrate on your studies
  17. Fear of failure and getting stress
  18. Getting into loop of loans and causing stress all the time
  19. Stress due to financial problems
  20. Less clarity on the action that you perform and making stress while performing your work
  21. Constantly thinking about past failures or situations that made you unpleasant and getting stress
  22. Constantly thinking about feature and worrying about the outcome
  23. frustration of any thing which doesn’t go as you expect
  24. Irritation due to some one
  25. Not able to talk in a group
  26. Not able to enjoy in a party
  27. Fear of stage
  28. Communication problem
  29. Bad habits
  30. Limiting thought patterns
  31. Unpleasantness due to external situations
  32. Fear of exams
  33. Not able to focus on something which is very important for your success
  34. Having the depression of not getting married on time
  35. Fear of not getting married
  36. Problem with your parents
  37. Problem with your children
  38. Problem with your wife
  39. Problem with your husband
  40. Problem with your son
  41. Problem with your daughter
  42. Problem with your father
  43. Problem with your mother
  44. Problem with your brother
  45. Problem with your sister
  46. Not able to understand anything properly
  47. Unclear communication
  48. Getting the feeling of committing suicide
  49. Not able to make friends
  50. Not able to increase the circle which is required for your business growth
  51. Not able to Enhance your capability for your next promotion
  52. Not able to get the job which is suitable for your qualification
  53. Loss of job
  54. Depression due to physical disabilities
  55. Difficult to spend your life
  56. Fear of being alone
  57. Limiting yourself for your growth
  58. Damaging yourself without any reason
  59. Thinking wrong about someone
  60. Not able to digest of bad activity by your loved ones
  61. Not able to get up in the early morning
  62. Not able to satisfy your family
  63. Not able to bare the insult
  64. Having a feeling when someone does not respects you
  65. Not able to think positive
  66. Not able to sleep due to unnecessary thoughts
  67. Depression due to unexpected less income form your business
  68. Not able to fulfill your dreams
  69. Not able to dream big
  70. Not able to celebrate your great occasions
  71. Fear of expenses
  72.  Not able to manage yourself properly
  73. Not able to control your family in some situations
  74. Not able to be happy
  75. Feeling of not having freedom after marriage
  76. Thinking about good life in your childhood and getting depressed now about your little problematic life
  77. Compulsive comparison of before and after marriage life
  78. Problem with your boss
  79. Problem with your company
  80. Habit of driving fast to reach desired destination
  81. Habit of overtaking vehicles for useless competition on highways
  82. Childish mentality or thinking
  83. Getting less marks even after writing your exams properly
  84. Lack of interest on something
  85. Depression due to losing of some items which are very costly and important
  86. Depression due to heavy fat in your body
  87. Not able to do your regular physical exercise
  88. Conflicts in your day to day life
  89. No clarity over the task that you perform right now
  90. Not able to think positive about present moment
  91. Not able to value your life anymore
  92. Not able to appreciate the things that you have right now
  93. Feeling of not able to perform any activity by you
  94. Fear of death
  95. Fear of god
  96. Fear of devil or ghost
  97. Depression due to feeling of not enjoying or entertainment
  98. Not able to celebrate your life every day
  99. Monday phobia to go office or school
  100. Not able to living independent living (Remember that you come alone and go alone – This is the universal fact)

Contact me if you have any of the above mentioned problems. I will try to give you right direction to solve the problem using a simple life skill technique. I have been practicing all the techniques and solving most of the problems very easily and also my clients are very happy to learn the life skills techniques form me (Mr. Raj Punarvasi)

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