10 Most important interview questions about SAP systems

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  1. Which is the software that is market & technology leader for business management?
    Answer: SAP Software
  2. What is the role of business management software in a company?
    Answer: It is an instrument to collect the data in a systematic procedure and then automates many business tasks
  3. What is that SAP offers to businesses?
    Answer: SAP offers wide range of products, services and applications to run different sizes of enterprises
  4. What is the heart of SAP Software portfolio?
    Answer: SAP Business suite
  5. What does SAP Business suite contains?
    Answer: SAP Business suite contains various applications and industry specific solutions which provides a stable core on which businesses(Enterprises of all sizes) can manage their business
  6. What is the recent addition as a compliment to the existing SAP Business Suite applications?
    Answer: SAP BusinessObjects portfolio
  7. What is the advantage of SAP BusinessObjects?
    Answer: To make better business decisions with the help of analysis and business intelligence features of the BusinessObjects software
  8. What is the common technology platform on which most of the applications and innovations from SAP are based on?
    Answer: SAP Netweaver
  9. What does SAP Netweaver provides?
    Answer: SAP Netweaver provides foundation and integration platform to all the solutions developed by SAP
  10. Name the SAP applications within SAP Business Suite?
    Answer: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) SCM (Supplier Chain Management) PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
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