1 billion to 1000’s of billionaires – thought change

1 billion is a great sum as per the current market standards. One billion dollars is huge money to a common people. But, 1 billion doesn’t know the people who are already billionaires. I mean 1 billion in currency does not have the intelligence to recognise any particular human being. Based on the capability of any human being can earn 1 billion dollars.

But one question comes into my mind always, is a billionaire really happy with the current state of his life style or mindset? It’s purely doubt on the people who are already billionaires. When I see many of them in news paper or tv channel or in the internet, I feel they are not happy with their current state. I can easily recognise any body’s state of happiness by seeing into their eyes (Eye balls). I am writing this post just to give an idea for thought change towards something big. In my opinion, everybody wants to expand form their current state, very few people are very satisfied with their life.

1 billion to 1000’s of billion(aires)

1 billion to 1000's of billion(aires)

If you are already a billionaire, help others also to become billionaires like you. You may be giving charity, but if you can make others also billionaires, many of them like you may do the charity. That which is donated will reach multiple people. If you are not a billionaire, you should become a billionaire by using your brain. Your brain has the capacity to push you what you want to be. You should need to repeat the thought of becoming billionaire and work smart to achieve it as fast as possible. Time never comes again, better become at early age. So that, you can help others who wants to become billionaires.

When a person who knows the real struggle of poverty becomes a billionaire, he/she will surely have moral values and helping nature. Billionaires should think in this direction and try to make more rich people in this society like you. People who are suffering with millions of problems will get benefited through these upcoming billionaires.

There are many people who are struggling due to starvation or lack of basic amenities in different parts of the world. Funds through charity are not reaching all of them. Make sure whether the money donated by you (Who already billionaires) is reaching needed people or not. If you can make some people like you (at least one) will be great way to continue the act of donation or charity that you are doing now.

This post is useful for both billionaires and non-billionaires. Keep commenting about your views on this topic. I want see everybody same. I don’t know whether it is possible completely or not, but at least one billionaire changes thought also great change that will be done by this post.

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